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The LAZRGEAR™ equipment is the result of 5 years development in Switzerland and 2 years real life testing in Los Angeles. The product is delivering the more efficient and technological sport experience for the users. And the more secure and easy to use for the professionals. 

The LAZRGEAR™ is the only laser equipment in the market that combines precision, design and digital experience. No cable between the Handle and the Harness giving the user a total freedom of movement and allow spectacular performance.


LAZRGEAR™ has been designed and engineered so users can work hard in a completely safe environment. 

The ergonomic design combined with the high quality components and materials produces a solid, compact product with a versatile nature that endures well beyond the normal usage to ensure maximum durability and reliability.

Active targets are WHITE (lights off) 

BUILT for people

From 7 to 70 years old , the Harness and the Handle suit various body type.  

The Harness is composed with a technical skeleton (plastic and electronic) and a washable fabric sock you can change in between games to offers a cleaner and healthier experience to your consumers. 


As operator of a LAZRGEAR, you will be managing your equipment through the LAZR manager platform. 

The only tool you need to manage your set of equipments, database of users and game launcher.  



Users can monitor and access their Game 

and fitness data on a mobile Application. 

• Score

• Accuracy of Hits

• Speed in km/h

• Steps

• Total calories

• Time and distance

• Local coach 





The LAZR brand is built upon movement, rapidity, precision and community. We aspire to provide a joyful way to train, compete and live.

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