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LAZR fitness is LAZR HIIT.

A training that intervals quick and intense LAZR session in between body weight exercices.

In 2018, HIIT headed up the yearly survey of worldwide fitness trends by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). It has remained in the top five since it entered at the top spot in 2014. HIIT is proving to be an enduring hit. HIIT is down to number three in the ACSM’s 2019 chart, behind wearable tech (number one) and group training (number two).

Fortunately for us, Lazr fitness reunites both HIIT and wearable tech making it the perfect trend.

Why did we make LAZR intensive interval training?

HIIT has been shown to improve fitness, cardiovascular health, cholesterol profiles and insulin sensitivity, which helps stabilise blood glucose or sugar levels. HIIT also reduces fat – both abdominal and the deep, visceral kind that engulfs your inner organs – while maintaining muscle mass or, in less active individuals, increasing it.

More strikingly, according to a small study in Cell Metabolism in 2017, HIIT effectively halts ageing at the cellular level, by increasing the production of proteins for the mitochondria, your cells’ energy-releasing powerhouses, which otherwise deteriorates over the years.

How does it work?

Ramping up the intensity forces your body to tap into its anaerobic system for energy, because it can’t supply the oxygen required to work aerobically quickly enough; in the recovery intervals, your body reverts to its aerobic system. As the session goes on, your body relies less on the anaerobic system, because quick-release energy sources of phosphocreatine and glycogen (glucose stored in your muscles) become depleted. Your body will therefore start to rely more on the aerobic system, which releases energy more sustainably but slowly from fat.

What about LAZR?

The practice of LAZR improves mobility, agility, mental focus and lower body strength.

While duelling, the athlete needs to move constantly to avoid being hit and even more so to get reactivated if he has been. The user’s cardio vascular system is always solicited as the movements are not regular. The rythme of the workout is always imposed by one's opponent, not in a regular flow (like jumping rope), but it involves running, jumping, and lateral movements (like basketball). The leg muscles will be strengthen and toned.

LAZR will improve endurance, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

But most of all people will instantly be happy, which will hugely impact one's mental spirit.

What makes LAZR HIIT even more efficient?

« Whenever we challenge ourselves to something and achieve it, the brain releases a little bit of dopamine, a pleasurable chemical. Researcher and neuropsychologist Ian Robertson calls this challenge achievement as « the Winner Effect ». Essentially, completing one loop of challenge-achievement creates a spiral where the more you do it, the more you WANT to do it; also known as intrinsic motivation »

With LAZR the challenge is to score as much as you can. The competition can be with yourself (beat your personal best) or with others. You are always motivated to keep going despite your tiredness and can be highly attractive to those who are not confortable with scary cardio machine.

The subtle mixture of LAZR with body weight exercices can help people get slowly into fitness. They will instantly have fun which will bring a whole new dimension to their fitness training experience.

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