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He is Philippe, better known as Tarzan, legacy of his wakeboarding performance. Despite a disenchantment with education due to his dyslexia, he graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in marketing.

Involved volunteer, he set up a charity during his first year at the MBA institute in Paris, with the aim of bringing "discarded" drugs to the former Yugoslavia. In order to pay his transport providers, he decided to have T-shirts produced in Yugoslavia which he will sell to the French capital’s schools.

Between Paris and Geneva, he built his professional experience in an embedded technology company where he made a first big move by winning a contract for a Thales structure.

Yet his ideas and intuitions are too little heard in these large structures. Creative and dreamy, Tarzan thirsts for entrepreneurship and projects close to his passions, sport and video games.

She's Lucie.

Studious, artistic and curious, she lived a perfect childhood raised with the precepts of healthy living based on home nutrition and sport. As a child, she went on to win medals in swimming, running and performed in dance show. Later, she would perseveres in gymnastics which she will stop only because of the lack of decent installation close by.

She left Geneva the first time to do her bachelor's degree in England, which she will pass with Honors. She will return to Geneva for her Masters degree, during the one she will meet Tarzan and lead her first project. A social reservation platform for Laser game players. An educational project that planted the seeds for something even bigger, LAZR fitness, which will perfectly combine sport and project management.

Together, they gathered the Z team to make the vision come true.

First they reach out to an engineer and a designer to build the hardware they imaged. They both worked in 3D imageries and simulation in architecture, watchmaking and high jewelry. They make detailed and hard work their core values.

A bit later, the team grew with a software developer with 20 years of experience and the perfect set of tool to develop LAZR digital surrounding.

Finally they integrated a videographer and brand specialist to put in lights the final product. They all have their strength and the desire to create the coolest way to train.

Together we aim to to unleash movement to inspire athletes

We incarnate movement

We are passionate about competition

We believe in innovation

We fight for mankind’s happiness

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The LAZR brand is built upon movement, rapidity, precision and community. We aspire to provide a joyful way to train, compete and live.

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